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Maintenance Guide

Having wood flooring in your property is a luxury that brings a level of elegance to any room. However, in order to enjoy a consistent level of quality, it is important that the flooring is given regular maintenance and care. There are a number of factors which need to be taken into account when it comes to caring for your wood floors, and in this article, we’ll look into the most effective methods.

Broom and vacuum
There’s no need for specialist cleaning products and equipment here. Before you undertake any advanced cleaning methods, regular use of a broom and a vacuum cleaner are very effective ways of maintaining your wooden floors. The presence of dirt and dust not only affects the appearance of the floor, but it can also scratch the wood, so make sure to sweep and vacuum regularly to keep it away.

Keep it dry

One of hardwood flooring’s worst enemies is moisture. Prolonged exposure to water can cause the wood to warp, so it is important that any spillages are cleaned up as quickly as possible. A slightly damp mop is the recommended implement for cleaning, but try and keep mopping to a minimum, pre-empting it with regular sweeping and vacuuming, as mentioned above. Steam cleaners are not recommended for use on any timber flooring. Using a steam mop can cause drying out of the finish and boards to cup and bow.

Furniture protection
Living room with oak floor and dark brown leather sofa
While it is important that your furniture and your flooring work together to create the perfect aesthetic, the furniture can also be quite damaging to your wood floor. These scratches and marks can be prevented easily, with the addition of furniture tips that are designed to stop the furniture scratching the floor. Whether you have furniture tips or not, it is important to always move and lift the furniture, rather than dragging it, where possible.

Strenuous sunlight
Fading and discolouration are common symptoms of excessive exposure to sunlight for hardwood floors. By using curtains and blinds sensibly, you can help minimise the amount of sunlight that certain areas of your flooring get, or an alternative method of prevention is to use a UV coating on your windows. Furthermore, you can use a mat or rug to help block sunlight from heavily exposed areas.

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