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Looking after your new wooden floor

Congratulations on the purchase of your new wooden flooring! Whether you decided to go for our Antique grade planks for that beautiful aged look, or modern Prime A/B Oak for a sleek, modern appearance, chances are you need to know how to look after it.

For day to day cleaning and maintenance, you can follow these steps:

  • Make sure all abrasive grit or dust is removed from the floor, either with a broom or a dust buster. Vacuums with rotating brushes are not recommended.
  • Use protection pads on the bottoms of all furniture feet, and use barrier mats in doorways to help prevent moisture, mud and dirt being walked onto the floors.
  • Any liquids or stains should be wiped up as quickly as possible, and not be left to sit on the floor.
  • A mop rinsed in a recommended floor cleaning solution should be used, with the mop wrung out beforehand. Never use wax, oil-based detergent or household cleaners, as these can damage or dull the finish, and leave a greasy film on the wood.
  • Never use a steam cleaner on our floors, as this can force moisture into the wood and lead to cupping and damage to the finish.
  • At regular intervals, a Maintenance Oil or Floor Wax should be applied to the flooring to protect it and maintain its appearance – feel free to give us a call to discuss which are the best options for you.
  • Keep the ambient temperature at 18-24 Celsius and the relative humidity at 45-60% throughout the year. This will prevent excessive expansion and/or contraction of the flooring.

Our Hardwax Oils have been used for many years in both commercial and domestic settings, standing up the years of traffic and use, even Waterstones bookshops use our floors, and they still look as good as new! Look after your floors, and they will stay looking beautiful for years.

Henley wooden flooring

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