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Caring for your wooden floor during the Big Freeze of 2018!

I’m sure your poor floors are suffering as much as you are in this current cold spell! Our showroom floor has taken a lot of wear and tear this last week, and was full of mud, grit and salt. Not pretty! It is always worth remembering that floors are a natural product, and need maintaining to prolong their appearance. Do make sure to give your floors a good clean with a mop and bucket, using warm water and a cleaner that is suitable for oiled floors. We are more than happy to give advice about which products are best to use, just give our friendly team a call on 01252 520520.

Also, remember not to ‘cook’ your floors, they never appreciate that! When using an underfloor heating system, optimum temperature for the wood surface should never exceed 27 Celsius.

Lastly, if you haven’t done it recently, it may be worth applying a coat of maintenance oil or floor wax to keep your wood looking tip-top – we carry in stock a range of options.

Happy Friday everyone, and stay safe out there!

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