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Can I have wood flooring in my bathroom?

Bathroom Flooring

Is it possible?
Hardwood Flooring has always been a popular choice for people renovating their home, providing a feeling of classic style and luxury. When it comes to bathrooms though, many people are under the impression that wood flooring is unsuitable. If you think this, you couldn’t be more wrong!

What flooring can be used for a bathroom?
The answer is engineered.

In the 1960’s Engineered Wood Flooring was born, opening new realms of possibility for wood flooring worldwide! Engineered flooring has only grown more and more popular over the years, mostly due to its robust and stable construction. Our Engineered oak flooring is specially designed to provide maximum strength and durability. Each plank is constructed of a hardwood top layer, multi-plywood core and a supporting layer – which are bound together under extremely high pressure. Once installed, this results in a floor which has the appearance, sturdiness & longevity of a solid oak floor, yet has improved support from beneath, providing greater stability. This is particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems, or where a ‘floating’ floor installation is preferred.

What should my flooring be treated with?
Hardwax Oil.

What is it?
Hardwax Oil is the modern day equivalent to the old fashioned; ‘on your hands and knees’ wax option that our grandparents had to put up with. Now typically involving a hardwax oil, oiled finish wood flooring provides both a surface protection and a deep penetrating protection ideal for bathrooms.
When should you choose it?
An oiled finish is the perfect solution when you’re looking for a natural looking finish for your wood floor. Generally speaking, this solution will give you a more natural look and feel.

Ease of care
Cleaning a floor could never be so easy! Regular light sweeping and spot cleaning with our UK Wood Floors Spray Cleaner and Microfibre mop will keep your flooring beautiful! Visit our cleaning blog for more tips!

Protection level
The good thing about an oiled wood flooring finish is that it goes deep into the heart of the wood and provides not only protection on the surface, but into the core too, which means that your wood is protected to the max.

Visual effect
Oiled wood flooring has a really natural look and enables the colour of the wood to deepen over the years. We also offer a brushed range giving the floor a whole new personality!

No room is off limits when it comes to this great product! Visit our showroom or call us on 01252 520520 for more information to transform your bathroom!

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