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Shades Of Grey

Shades Of Grey

In Recent years grey flooring has hugely increased in popularity as the perfect “neutral” tone for everything imaginable. So it only makes sense that grey tones are now the hottest trend for 2016 in oak flooring finishes.
Grey tones bring out the beauty of natural wood, highlighting the grains and texture, allowing the flooring to be a true statement piece. While at the same time, neutral grey tones tend not to overpower a room and can compliment many decorating styles, such as the very elegant “Shabby Chic”.

Although the shabby chic style has become very popular over the last 30 years, its roots actually began in the early 1900’s when in Great Britain, many large, stately country homes and their contents were left to fade and age due to financial difficulties of the home owners. It wasn’t until the 1980’s, however, that this popular style got its name. During this time, many people had a desire to express how much class and taste they had. By incorporating the shabby chic interior style into their homes, they were able to boast classically vintage furniture that had a history.

Now in 2016, Shabby Chic is back recreating the beautifully classic look in our modern homes and may not be as daunting or stretch your budget quite as much as you may have first thought.
Take a look at our new washed range for inspiration….

Washed White Engineered Wood Floor
Washed White
Belgium Grey Engineered Wood Floor
Washed Grey Stain

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