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Our Manufacturing Process

UK Wood Floors Manufacturing Process

A stack of wooden oak planks ready for manufacturing
Raw timber, kiln-dried to a moisture content of 8% (+/-2) comes into our warehouse direct from our mill in Germany, ready for manufacturing into flooring.
Wood preparation machine for oak
Machines are prepared and set ready for machining the raw oak into flooring
End-Matching Machine
Flooring has been machined, and is now going through the end-matching machine to tongue & groove ends of boards.
Large sanding machine for wooden floors
Flooring has now finished being manufactured and is going through the sanding process. Machines are calibrated to exact thickness and are ready for finishing.
Hardwax oil machine for wood flooring
Flooring going through our Hardwax Oil line receiving first of 2 coats.
Wooden flooring on drying racks
Flooring is put into drying racks for a period of 12 hours for the finish to cure & harden.
Wooden flooring fine sanding machine
Flooring is put through a fine sanding machine to remove raised grain in preparation for 2nd coat of Hardwax Oil.
Finished UK Wood Floors packed and ready for delivery.
Flooring is finished and being boxed ready for shipment.

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