A bit of preparation at the start saves a whole lot of hassle!

Latex levelling

Did you know we do much more than just manufacture and install wood floors? We offer a complete package from sub-floor preparation, latex levelling, damp-proofing, chip-boarding and joist strengthening, to ensure the best possible base for your new floor to go on! Call today on 01252 520520 for more information from your local wood flooring company.

Bespoke Oak for a car park lobby – this was a first for us!

Bespoke Oak for a car park lobby

This is the finished result of one of our many bespoke orders, double-sided engineered Oak rustic grade planks, pre-finished with a bespoke White oil. They look stunning in-situ. Why not give us a call today on 01252 520520 to see how we can help something beautifully unique for you?