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Showroom Beautiful Floors

Keep your flooring looking showroom beautiful.

Flooring of good quality should age beautifully, just like a good quality bottle of whiskey! To help make sure this is the case, follow these handy tips from our expert team.

1. Installing a coir mat at the entrance door can minimise the risk of damaging your floor’s finish by trapping dirt particles and debris. This can avoid unnecessary maintenance.

2. The Coir matting can be installed into an eye-catching mattwell with matching thresholds to complement your floor.

3. Don’t limit yourself to a standard sized mat, UK Wood Floors offer Coir Matting cut to size!

4. Use UK Wood Floors felt pads your furniture to prevent unnecessary scratches to your floor finish.

5. Over time light will slowly mellow the tone of your wood floor. Although this should be minimal, try and move large pieces of furniture and rugs slightly from time to time to even out this process and minimise noticeable differences.

6. Regularly care for your flooring and give it the TLC it needs – follow our simple maintenance guide.

7. Don’t steam clean or wet mop your wood floor – whatever it says in the instructions – wood is a hygroscopic material and if you force moisture into it at high pressure you can damage it, even if that damage is not immediately visible. UK Wood Floors can talk you through how to care for your flooring.

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