A bit of preparation at the start saves a whole lot of hassle!

Latex levelling

Did you know we do much more than just manufacture and install wood floors? We offer a complete package from sub-floor preparation, latex levelling, damp-proofing, chip-boarding and joist strengthening, to ensure the best possible base for your new floor to go on! Call today on 01252 520520 for more information from your local wood flooring company.

Bespoke Oak for a car park lobby – this was a first for us!

Bespoke Oak for a car park lobby

This is the finished result of one of our many bespoke orders, double-sided engineered Oak rustic grade planks, pre-finished with a bespoke White oil. They look stunning in-situ. Why not give us a call today on 01252 520520 to see how we can help something beautifully unique for you?

Bespoke nosings!

Bespoke Nosings

Did you know that we also produce bespoke nosings to match your flooring? Profiles include Bullnosed, Square-Edged and Flush, to be finished in the same Hardwax Oil or Stain as your flooring.

Handmade internal and external doors

Handmade internal and external doors

Did you know we don’t just produce flooring?

Our full-time joiner makes all of our external and internal doors to each customers specification, beautifully made by hand here in our warehouse. Why not give us a call today with your requirements on 01252 520520?

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!

Why not fall in love with your home again and install that wood flooring you’ve always dreamed about? 

See how we can help today by calling us on 01252 520520 or drop us a line at [email protected]


Exciting new finishes!

Exciting new finishes!

As manufacturers, we have complete control over our final finished products, and can offer bespoke levels of graining, brushing and distressing to suit the taste and style of every individual customer. With some new exciting colours introduced this week, we are sure to have something for every home and every budget! Why not pay your local wood flooring company a visit to see how we can help create your dream floor?

Another refurbishment job

Another refurbishment job

One of our latest refurbishment jobs. Solid Oak herringbone flooring, which was sanded back to the bare wood, joint-bonded and finished with two coats of heavy traffic Hardwax Oil. The end result is always satisfying to see!



Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2019!

Homebuilding & Renovating Show 2019!

What an absolutely fantastic weekend we had last week at the first Homebuilding and Renovating Show of this year at our local Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre. Thousands of visitors, lots of quotes booked in, plans emailed over, samples requested, we couldn’t have asked for a better weekend! We hope all of our visitors had an informative couple of days.

Diagonal Silver Grey Hardwax Oiled planks

Diagonal Silver Grey Hardwax Oiled planks

These rustic grade engineered Oak planks were laid diagonally to create a stunningly different look. They were pre-finished with our Silver Grey Hardwax Oil, which really compliments the decor at this wonderful home in Frimley.

Bespoke brushing, graining and distressing – we can do it!

Bespoke brushing, graining and distressing

This is another beautiful installation featuring our White Grained & Belgium Grey Hardwax oiled engineered Oak planks. As manufacturers, we are proud to offer bespoke levels of brushing, graining and distressing to suit the tastes and style of every individual customer and home.

Bespoke joinery

Bespoke joinery

Another example of our pre-finished engineered rustic grade Oak planks, this time installed at a residential home in Fleet. As you can see, our skilled joiners can create bespoke treads, risers and stair nosings, among many other joinery items to suit each individual job, which are then installed by our professional flooring technicians. Why not give us a call on 01252 520520, and see how we can help create your dream floor?

Parquet is the old fashioned modern

Parquet Flooring

If I had to a pound for every person that said they remembered parquet floors at their school thirty years ago, I’d be a millionaire! The truth is, parquet can be quite an old-fashioned look, particularly our Antique range, which is distressed and is intended to have that ‘aged’ look. But these beautiful, classic floors have made a huge comeback in the last few years, and it’s easy to see why. They don’t look out of place in a 100 hundred year old cottage, but equally, look just as beautiful in a new, modern house.

The blocks are laid unfinished by fully bonding to an appropriate sub-floor, then are given a very light sand to remove any glue marks. Next the floor is cleaned, followed finally by finishing with Hardwax Oils to complete the look.

Another beautiful Antique grade Oak floor installation

Another beautiful Antique grade Oak floor installation

This is the finished result of our latest installation; Antique grade engineered Oak planks, pre-finished hand distressed, dark grained & English Hardwax oiled. What a stunning looking floor! Note the cellar door, which we cut in and use flush thresholds to create a bespoke trip-free feature.

Antique grade flooring

Antique grade flooring

As in-house manufacturers, we have the flexibility to offer bespoke levels of distressing to our clients, with varying degrees of graining, edge distressing and brushing available when ordering a pre-finished Antique grade floor. Why not pay our showroom in Farnborough a visit to see what we can offer you?

Antique grade Oak flooring

Antique grade Oak flooring

Look at this beautiful Antique oak floor we installed in Hook – we distress the flooring by hand here in our workshop in Farnborough.

Homebuilding and Renovating Show 2018

Homebuilding and Renovating Show 2018

Contact us today for your two FREE tickets to this years Homebuilding and Renovating Show – UK Wood Floors will be on Stand S824 30 June – 1st July!


Reclaimed Oak flooring range

Reclaimed Oak flooring range

This is our beautiful new reclaimed Oak flooring range, which we distress by hand in our workshop and is laid in random widths to create a authentic period look. Why not call us today for a bespoke quotation?


Beautiful Ash flooring, handmade in the UK

Hand-Made Ash flooring

We produced some stunning Ash engineered flooring for a client at 220mm wide and lengths of 2200mm. Ash is a very varied wood, with lots of character and colours showing through, and this Grey oiled finish really complimented the natural variance. Why not get in touch today and see how we can help create your dream floor!


Medullary rays: What are they?

Medullary Rays

What are medullary rays?

Medullary rays appear to be ribbons or stripes in wood, which are made more noticeable when the timber is oiled or varnished. They catch the light and are not very noticeable from every angle.
Their presence in the wood should not be viewed as a defect, but in fact, quite the opposite: the more expensive and time-consuming process of cutting wood is quarter-sawing, which preserves the naturally occurring rays and ensures greater stability and quality of wood.

What causes Medullary rays?

Medullary rays are created when plant cells which grow in the opposite direction to the way the tree is growing.

We think the rays are naturally beautiful, and hope our customers feel the same!

Bespoke parquet blocks

Bespoke parquet blocks

A large majority of our work is producing and installing bespoke products, with smaller or bigger bevels, light distressing, reclaimed wood effects and more, all possible with our skilled technicians and specialist machinery. We produced some Antique grade parquet blocks, at bespoke sizes to suit the large rooms for this wonderful home in Esher.

Why not get in touch today to see how we can create something beautifully bespoke for you – call our friendly team on 01252 520520 or drop us an email at [email protected]

Caring for your wooden floor during the Big Freeze of 2018!

Caring for your wooden floor

I’m sure your poor floors are suffering as much as you are in this current cold spell! Our showroom floor has taken a lot of wear and tear this last week, and was full of mud, grit and salt. Not pretty! It is always worth remembering that floors are a natural product, and need maintaining to prolong their appearance. Do make sure to give your floors a good clean with a mop and bucket, using warm water and a cleaner that is suitable for oiled floors. We are more than happy to give advice about which products are best to use, just give our friendly team a call on 01252 520520.

Also, remember not to ‘cook’ your floors, they never appreciate that! When using an underfloor heating system, optimum temperature for the wood surface should never exceed 27 Celsius.

Lastly, if you haven’t done it recently, it may be worth applying a coat of maintenance oil or floor wax to keep your wood looking tip-top – we carry in stock a range of options.

Happy Friday everyone, and stay safe out there!

Prime A/B grade flooring in Warwickshire

Prime A/B grade flooring

We have a team of technicians working away in Warwickshire, installing two beautiful floors, both Prime A/B grade, engineered Oak planks, and solid Oak parquet blocks. We can’t wait to share the finished result, but you can see the progress so far!


Bespoke joinery

Bespoke joinery

Here at UK Wood Floors, we specialise in bespoke joinery. Everything from doors to windows, kitchen worktops and cabinets, to skirting boards and thresholds.

We also create bespoke steps, complete with treads, risers and nosings, pre-finished to match your flooring, or indeed in any other colour we produce! Why not give us a call to see how we can help you create your dream staircase today?



Colour Trends – Whites and Greys

Colour Trends - Whites and Greys

Other than the classic Clear Hardwax Oil’s, our most popular finishes continuing from last year into this year tend to be our Whites and Greys. With 9 different shades, we are sure you will find something you love. White and Grey finishes bring a sense of modernisation and openness to a room, without feeling cold or bare. Gone are the days you are limited to honey, golden tones, with the advances in wood flooring finishes, consumers are now spoilt for choice.

Whether you choose our modern Prime A/B grade flooring, or the more varied Rustic grade, our stylish Greys and Whites suit any home. Why not take a look at our range, and call 01252 520520 for your free sample.


Looking after your new wooden floor

Looking after your new wooden floor

Congratulations on the purchase of your new wooden flooring! Whether you decided to go for our Antique grade planks for that beautiful aged look, or modern Prime A/B Oak for a sleek, modern appearance, chances are you need to know how to look after it.

For day to day cleaning and maintenance, you can follow these steps:

  • Make sure all abrasive grit or dust is removed from the floor, either with a broom or a dust buster. Vacuums with rotating brushes are not recommended.
  • Use protection pads on the bottoms of all furniture feet, and use barrier mats in doorways to help prevent moisture, mud and dirt being walked onto the floors.
  • Any liquids or stains should be wiped up as quickly as possible, and not be left to sit on the floor.
  • A mop rinsed in a recommended floor cleaning solution should be used, with the mop wrung out beforehand. Never use wax, oil-based detergent or household cleaners, as these can damage or dull the finish, and leave a greasy film on the wood.
  • Never use a steam cleaner on our floors, as this can force moisture into the wood and lead to cupping and damage to the finish.
  • At regular intervals, a Maintenance Oil or Floor Wax should be applied to the flooring to protect it and maintain its appearance – feel free to give us a call to discuss which are the best options for you.
  • Keep the ambient temperature at 18-24 Celsius and the relative humidity at 45-60% throughout the year. This will prevent excessive expansion and/or contraction of the flooring.

Our Hardwax Oils have been used for many years in both commercial and domestic settings, standing up the years of traffic and use, even Waterstones bookshops use our floors, and they still look as good as new! Look after your floors, and they will stay looking beautiful for years.

Henley wooden flooring

Luxury Waterproof Plastic-Coated Flooring

Luxury Waterproof Plastic-Coated Flooring

Introducing our new WPC vinyl range, which is the next big thing in flooring. It is a rigid floor which is 100% waterproof and slots together using a click fitting system. The board thickness is 6.5mm, with a built in 0.7mm wear layer. This product is fit for almost any purpose and with a lifetime warranty you cannot go wrong.

Below are the features and benefits of WPC Flooring:
• 0.7mm Wear Layer
• 100% Waterproof
• Fast Click Joint System
• Integrated Underlay
• 19dB Sound Reduction
• Suitable for Underfloor Heating
• Lifetime Warranty Residential / 25 Years Commercial

Call 01252 520520 for more details.

Shades Of Grey

UK Wood Floors on Ebay

Shades Of Grey

In Recent years grey flooring has hugely increased in popularity as the perfect “neutral” tone for everything imaginable. So it only makes sense that grey tones are now the hottest trend for 2016 in oak flooring finishes.
Grey tones bring out the beauty of natural wood, highlighting the grains and texture, allowing the flooring to be a true statement piece. While at the same time, neutral grey tones tend not to overpower a room and can compliment many decorating styles, such as the very elegant “Shabby Chic”.

Although the shabby chic style has become very popular over the last 30 years, its roots actually began in the early 1900’s when in Great Britain, many large, stately country homes and their contents were left to fade and age due to financial difficulties of the home owners. It wasn’t until the 1980’s, however, that this popular style got its name. During this time, many people had a desire to express how much class and taste they had. By incorporating the shabby chic interior style into their homes, they were able to boast classically vintage furniture that had a history.

Now in 2016, Shabby Chic is back recreating the beautifully classic look in our modern homes and may not be as daunting or stretch your budget quite as much as you may have first thought.
Take a look at our new washed range for inspiration….

Washed White Engineered Wood Floor
Washed White

Belgium Grey Engineered Wood Floor
Washed Grey Stain

Customer Feedback

UK Wood Flooring - Opening Hours

More amazing customer feedback

03rd June 2016 – Susan M
“A massive thank you to UK Wood Floors – my parquet floor in my living room is stunning! I have been very impressed by the workmanship and customer service provided by the company throughout. Steve’s expert product knowledge guided me through my choice, Jess’s patience in supplying me with many colour samples was much appreciated and Gavin’s hard work and attention to detail has produced a work of art. The work was booked in advance and completed on schedule, exactly as advised within my quote.”

03rd June 2016 – Julie S
“I wish I had found UK Wood Floors sooner! I hunted around for what felt like a life time for my perfect bespoke front door and windows and then found out that UK Wood Floors offered this service. Thankfully UK Wood Floors is very local to me, so after visiting the very useful showroom, I booked in to have my door and windows made! Gary is so knowledgeable, I gave him my ideas and together we designed the door and windows! The craftsmanship and detail is amazing,nothing was missed. Communication is impeccable! On time and exactly as discussed. I now have the windows and the front door I searched for so long to have.
The customer service is second to none and the knowledge oozes out of the sales team. They couldn’t have done more for me!
I will be recommending this local company to everyone I know and invite anyone to come and see for themselves!”

Maintenance Guide

UK Wood Floors Ltd Cleaning Tips

Having wood flooring in your property is a luxury that brings a level of elegance to any room. However, in order to enjoy a consistent level of quality, it is important that the flooring is given regular maintenance and care. There are a number of factors which need to be taken into account when it comes to caring for your wood floors, and in this article, we’ll look into the most effective methods.

Broom and vacuum
There’s no need for specialist cleaning products and equipment here. Before you undertake any advanced cleaning methods, regular use of a broom and a vacuum cleaner are very effective ways of maintaining your wooden floors. The presence of dirt and dust not only affects the appearance of the floor, but it can also scratch the wood, so make sure to sweep and vacuum regularly to keep it away.

Keep it dry

One of hardwood flooring’s worst enemies is moisture. Prolonged exposure to water can cause the wood to warp, so it is important that any spillages are cleaned up as quickly as possible. A slightly damp mop is the recommended implement for cleaning, but try and keep mopping to a minimum, pre-empting it with regular sweeping and vacuuming, as mentioned above. Steam cleaners are not recommended for use on any timber flooring. Using a steam mop can cause drying out of the finish and boards to cup and bow.

Furniture protection
Living room with oak floor and dark brown leather sofa
While it is important that your furniture and your flooring work together to create the perfect aesthetic, the furniture can also be quite damaging to your wood floor. These scratches and marks can be prevented easily, with the addition of furniture tips that are designed to stop the furniture scratching the floor. Whether you have furniture tips or not, it is important to always move and lift the furniture, rather than dragging it, where possible.

Strenuous sunlight
Fading and discolouration are common symptoms of excessive exposure to sunlight for hardwood floors. By using curtains and blinds sensibly, you can help minimise the amount of sunlight that certain areas of your flooring get, or an alternative method of prevention is to use a UV coating on your windows. Furthermore, you can use a mat or rug to help block sunlight from heavily exposed areas.

Did you know we also produce skirting?

Skirting and Architrave

Skirting and Architrave

Our Oak skirting and architraves are proudly produced in-house by our skilled craftsmen.

Wooden skirting with lamb's tongue finish
Lambs Tongue

Wooden skirting with double ogee
Double Ogee
Wooden skirting with single ogee
Single Ogee
Wooden skirting with totus finish
Wooden skirting with bullnose finish
Wooden skirting with chamfered finish

Call us today for your quote.

Design Tips

Light Wood Flooring

Finish ideas!

Here at UK Wood Floors, we have a team of experienced sales executives to guide you through your order start to finish.
In this blog you will find a few easy tips to help you accomplish the finish and look you want to achieve.

Want to make your room look larger?
Light wood flooring can help to create the illusion of space. Lighter tones are perfect for rooms that attract a lot of natural light.

Engineered wood flooring manufactured and installed by UK Wood Floors

Henley wooden flooring

Residential house with white oil floor (1 coat)

Light wooden floor in a kitchen

Home sweet home
If you are wanting a cosy, warm ambiance, you should be looking at our mid range. The rich and subtle golden brown tones work perfectly in any room.
Hardwood oak floor, dark wax finish

Solid wood floor with Sapele stain

150mm engineered wood floor with a light walnut stain

Period property
If you have a traditional property, its understandable you want your home to keep its natural character. We offer stunning antique flooring.
UKW_19 (Large)

UKW_26 (Large)

UKW_27 (Large)

Take a look at our room designer or pop into our showroom to see our range of finishes.
Room Designer

May’s Finish of the month

Shabby Chic

The Scandinavian style or Shabby Chic design is ideal for all rooms in all houses. Its emphasis on minimal clutter, light colours, and beautiful, natural tones makes it a well sought after finish.


Residential house with white oil floor (1 coat)
Its not hard to see why our “White” finished flooring is our finish of the month!

Seasonal Designs for the Perfect Home

Engineered Hard Flooring

Spring is almost over!

When trying to choose a new floor, it’s important to consider the decor of your home too.
Whether your floor upgrade is part of a planned revamp, or even if it’s simply to add finishing touches to an already perfect room, it’s essential to pick the right hardwood floor for your style.
It’s fast approaching summer, so there’s no better style to go for than a light and airy approach. Evoke the essence of the great British summer right through into the wet and windy winter. No matter what the weather, you’ll have your very own paradise inside!

A wooden floor can immediately breathe new life into your home, completely revitalising a room. They’re also ideal for hay fever sufferers. A carpet can trap pollen that will irritate people who are lumbered with the most hateful of spring time afflictions. But even all year around, a carpet traps dust and dirt where a frequently cleaned wooden floor will not. Good for your health and good for your decor, what could be better?

These light and breezy colours will bring a light and cool feel to your home, perfect in spring and great all year around. why not take a look at our some of our finishes https://ukwoodfloors.co.uk/wood-flooring/engineered-wood-flooring/oak-rustic-grade/

Size is “Irrelephant”

High Heels v Wooden Floors

Size is “Irrelephant”

Over the years you may have heard the question: Which is heavier, a tonne of bricks or a tonne of feathers?
Perhaps you haven’t heard this one before: who is more likely to damage your beautiful wood floors, an adult elephant or a woman in stilettos?
It might surprise you to learn that the woman – whilst a fiftieth of the weight – exerts twice as much pressure from that heel!

Why? It’s a simple matter of surface area. An elephant has wide feet to spread the weight, which means no single point of the floor is under that much pressure, even if the area is under a lot of weight. Whilst a stiletto focuses all of the woman’s weight into a very small point, which puts that tiny area under a huge amount of pressure!

If for any reason you did decide to invite an Elephant over for Sunday lunch (for legal reasons we’d recommend against this) then you wouldn’t find a single dent on your floor. If you are to strut around in your weekend heels, you could well find dents!
The moral of the story? No high heels on wooden floors!

For more tips on maintaining your floor visit our dedicated sections in our:https://ukwoodfloors.co.uk/cleaning-tips/

UK Wood Floors quick tips on how to Measure your Floor Area

UK Wood Floors - quick tips on how to Measure your Floor Area

UK Wood Floors quick tips on how to Measure your Floor Area

Customers often ask us how to work out just how much flooring they will need. Working out the area of a floor can seem like a daunting task, but is very straightforward if you follow a few simple guidelines. All you need is a pencil, paper, calculator and a metric tape measure.

If your room is square or rectangular (as below), calculating the floor area is very simple. Measure the width (A) and the length (B) of the room and multiply the two measurements together.
For example the room above is 4.25m x 5.25m = 22.31m2.
We always advise an allowance for wastage of approximately 10% on your literal room area.

L-shaped rooms (as below) can be a little trickier to work out. Start by roughly sketching out the shape of the floor. Split the sketch into two square/rectangular shapes and measure the width and length of each separate shape – as shown with a dotted line above. Calculate the area of each shape by multiplying the width and length measurements together, then add the two areas together. So, the calculation for the diagram above would be:
4.25m (A) x 5.25m (B) = 22.31m2
1.75m (C) x 4.25m (D) = 7.44m2
22.31m2 + 7.44m2 = 29.75m2
Adding approximately 10% for wastage means that you want to order 32.5 square metres of flooring.

Using the same basic principle of splitting the floor into separate squares or rectangles will enable you to work out the most irregular room shapes. The calculation for the below room would be:
1.1m (A) x 1.75m (B) = 1.93m2
1.0m (C) x 5.0m (D) = 5m2
1.1m (E) x 1.75m (F) = 1.93m2
1.93m2 + 5m2 + 1.93m2 = 8.86m2 plus 10% for wastage = 9.75 square metres of flooring.

When measuring the floor area, remember to make allowances for fireplaces, recesses and alcoves. If you would like more advice about measuring your floor or would like information about our range of wood flooring please contact us ukwoodfloors.co.uk

Bespoke Doors and Furniture

Bespoke Doors and Furniture

Bespoke services

Each and every piece of furniture is handcrafted in our own joinery shop and can be produced to your own specific design. Through every thread of grain in the wooden windows, doors, staircases and custom furniture runs our passion for wood.

Whether we are creating a contemporary set of wooden doors or windows, design and production of a wooden kitchen breakfast bar or any Solid bespoke furniture you desire, we approach our woodwork with the same degree of care, precision and professional expertise. This commitment to quality ensures that all of our wooden furniture and joinery is as useful, strong and durable as it is beautiful.

With our wooden furniture and joinery consultancy service, we offer the complete package, from initial discussions to design, problem solving to construction and finishing. Our bespoke wooden furniture and joinery is personally and meticulously made to measure for you.

You’ll find out more about our love of creating bespoke wooden furniture and joinery that looks great, feels wonderful and lasts for generations if you contact us on 01252 520520 or take a look.

Here is a sneak peek at some of our products

Double wooden oak window with two side openings
Double wooden oak window with two side openings

framed and ledged stable glazed oak door
Modern Residential Kitchen

Can I have wood flooring in my bathroom?

Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom Flooring

Is it possible?
Hardwood Flooring has always been a popular choice for people renovating their home, providing a feeling of classic style and luxury. When it comes to bathrooms though, many people are under the impression that wood flooring is unsuitable. If you think this, you couldn’t be more wrong!

What flooring can be used for a bathroom?
The answer is engineered.

In the 1960’s Engineered Wood Flooring was born, opening new realms of possibility for wood flooring worldwide! Engineered flooring has only grown more and more popular over the years, mostly due to its robust and stable construction. Our Engineered oak flooring is specially designed to provide maximum strength and durability. Each plank is constructed of a hardwood top layer, multi-plywood core and a supporting layer – which are bound together under extremely high pressure. Once installed, this results in a floor which has the appearance, sturdiness & longevity of a solid oak floor, yet has improved support from beneath, providing greater stability. This is particularly beneficial when used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems, or where a ‘floating’ floor installation is preferred.

What should my flooring be treated with?
Hardwax Oil.

What is it?
Hardwax Oil is the modern day equivalent to the old fashioned; ‘on your hands and knees’ wax option that our grandparents had to put up with. Now typically involving a hardwax oil, oiled finish wood flooring provides both a surface protection and a deep penetrating protection ideal for bathrooms.
When should you choose it?
An oiled finish is the perfect solution when you’re looking for a natural looking finish for your wood floor. Generally speaking, this solution will give you a more natural look and feel.

Ease of care
Cleaning a floor could never be so easy! Regular light sweeping and spot cleaning with our UK Wood Floors Spray Cleaner and Microfibre mop will keep your flooring beautiful! Visit our cleaning blog for more tips! https://ukwoodfloors.co.uk/cleaning-tips/

Protection level
The good thing about an oiled wood flooring finish is that it goes deep into the heart of the wood and provides not only protection on the surface, but into the core too, which means that your wood is protected to the max.

Visual effect
Oiled wood flooring has a really natural look and enables the colour of the wood to deepen over the years. We also offer a brushed range giving the floor a whole new personality!

No room is off limits when it comes to this great product! Visit our showroom or call us on 01252 520520 for more information to transform your bathroom!

Showroom Beautiful Floors

Floor Maintenance Kit

Keep your flooring looking showroom beautiful.

Flooring of good quality should age beautifully, just like a good quality bottle of whiskey! To help make sure this is the case, follow these handy tips from our expert team.

1. Installing a coir mat at the entrance door can minimise the risk of damaging your floor’s finish by trapping dirt particles and debris. This can avoid unnecessary maintenance.

2. The Coir matting can be installed into an eye-catching mattwell with matching thresholds to complement your floor.

3. Don’t limit yourself to a standard sized mat, UK Wood Floors offer Coir Matting cut to size!

4. Use UK Wood Floors felt pads your furniture to prevent unnecessary scratches to your floor finish.

5. Over time light will slowly mellow the tone of your wood floor. Although this should be minimal, try and move large pieces of furniture and rugs slightly from time to time to even out this process and minimise noticeable differences.

6. Regularly care for your flooring and give it the TLC it needs – follow our simple maintenance guide.

7. Don’t steam clean or wet mop your wood floor – whatever it says in the instructions – wood is a hygroscopic material and if you force moisture into it at high pressure you can damage it, even if that damage is not immediately visible. UK Wood Floors can talk you through how to care for your flooring.

UK Wood Floors

UK Wood Floors

UK Wood Floors Ltd

UK Wood Floors specialise in the supply of engineered and solid wood flooring for both residential and commercial use direct to trade & public and have over 30 years of installation experience and technical expertise.

UK Wood Floors Headquarters Outside Photo

Whether supply only or providing a full fitting service, we work closely with our customers to ensure a smooth installation process and unrivalled quality of flooring installation, sanding and finishing. We mill our own flooring, and pride ourselves on the ability to ensure quality and value for money throughout the production, supply and finishing process.

Inside UK Wood Floor's showroom with flooring samples on the wall
A stack of wooden oak planks ready for manufacturing

Wooden flooring on drying racks

Hardwax oil machine for wood flooring

Large sanding machine for wooden floors

Finished UK Wood Floors packed and ready for delivery.

All of our wood flooring comes direct to you from our own mill and extensive stocks. All flooring is double Kiln-dried to a moisture content of 8% +/- 2% making it suitable for under-floor heating, subject to installation guidelines.

Bespoke Solid Oak Windows

UK Wood Floors

Bespoke Solid Oak Windows

Beautifully made to order Storm-proof Solid Oak Windows

We can make any size and any design wooden window that you require.

Below are some examples of window styles and prices.
They are unfinished prices, but include friction hinges, multi-point locking system and a 70mm projecting cill.

All prices exclude VAT.

large 2 side oak window frame
large 2 side oak window frame

double wooden oak window with side opening
double wooden oak window with side opening

Double wooden oak window with two side openings
Double wooden oak window with two side openings

Standard Features
Friction Hinges
Espagnolette multi-point locking with night vent position
Basecoat stain
Full 70mm projecting cill
Drip strips
High quality solid oak
Polished chrome handles
An allowance for 24mm double glazed sealed unit (glass not supplied)
High insulation values

Take a closer look at our windows here….https://ukwoodfloors.co.uk/wooden-windows/

Our Manufacturing Process

Our Manufacturing Process

UK Wood Floors Manufacturing Process

A stack of wooden oak planks ready for manufacturing
Raw timber, kiln-dried to a moisture content of 8% (+/-2) comes into our warehouse direct from our mill in Germany, ready for manufacturing into flooring.

Wood preparation machine for oak
Machines are prepared and set ready for machining the raw oak into flooring

End-Matching Machine
Flooring has been machined, and is now going through the end-matching machine to tongue & groove ends of boards.

Large sanding machine for wooden floors
Flooring has now finished being manufactured and is going through the sanding process. Machines are calibrated to exact thickness and are ready for finishing.

Hardwax oil machine for wood flooring
Flooring going through our Hardwax Oil line receiving first of 2 coats.

Wooden flooring on drying racks
Flooring is put into drying racks for a period of 12 hours for the finish to cure & harden.

Wooden flooring fine sanding machine
Flooring is put through a fine sanding machine to remove raised grain in preparation for 2nd coat of Hardwax Oil.

Finished UK Wood Floors packed and ready for delivery.
Flooring is finished and being boxed ready for shipment.

Oak Flooring Ideas

Oak Flooring Ideas

Oak Flooring Ideas

With such a wide range of products available it can be incredibly difficult to decide which flooring is right for you. This has led to the creation of this blog, showcasing a range of different images to give you inspiration and ideas for your own project.

The first image is our 15mm Factory Special Engineered Plank flooring. This has been used to create a very rustic look to the room on a smaller budget. The varied amount of knots and colour variation in these oak planks offers some real character. The flooring has been treated with a Clear Hard Wax Oil finish. Our Factory Special flooring is available in various widths.

Light wooden floor in a kitchen

Similar in grade to our Factory special is our 20mm Rustic grade – which can equally look just as great in a living area and can be finished in any and all of our available stains, grains and oils.

Solid wood floor installed by UK Wood Floors

Offering something completely different to the rustic nature of the previous images, is our Prime grade Plank Flooring. This very clean grade has been used in the project below to create a very modern and contemporary room. The minimalistic nature of the oak flooring, compliments the rest of the room.

Oak floor, light wax finish

UK Wood Floors boasts a team of expert herringbone parquet flooring specialists who use their experience and expertise to take a fresh approach to the installation of this complex floor design. Our Solid herringbone block floors are at the forefront of modern style whilst holding onto the charm of the classic laying techniques of herringbone parquet flooring.

Arial shot of solid wood parquet block flooring

Take the time to visit our show room or our room designer online http://roomdesigner.ukwoodfloors.co.uk/

Room Designer

UK Wood Floors - Room Designer

Choosing a wood flooring isn’t always an easy task!

Here are a few tips to assist you create your perfect home:

Room size, texture and colour of walls, ceiling height and colour/style of furniture should be your first considerations when choosing a colour for your floor.

Darker Shades:
Our Walnut Hardwax Oil can bring out the warmth in other elements of decor.

Walnut Stain Clear Matt Hardwax oil flooring
Walnut Stain Clear Matt HWO

Black and dark tones are a popular choice for artists’ studios, modern and chic interiors – Take a look at our Noir Stain for inspiration.

Noir Wood Floor Stain

Deep and bold colours are perfect for commercial interiors, offices and other large spaces where flooring becomes central element of decor. – Take a look at our Sapele and Mahogany finishes.

Rich Mahogany Wood Floor Stain
Rich Mahogany

Sapele Wood Floor Stain

Warm finishes such as our Golden hardwax oil and English hardwax Oil create a cosy ambience.

Golden Oil Engineered Wood Floor
Golden Oil

Lighter Shades:
In the rooms with low ceiling go for light coloured floors such as our Natural Timber hardwax oil.

Natural Timber Engineered Wood Floor
Natural Timber

For the classic natural look, stick to the Clear Hardwax Oil finishes.

Clear Hardwax Oil Engineered Wood Floor
Clear Hardwax Oil

– Washed White and grey floors will make your room spacious and modern.

Washed White Engineered Wood Floor
Washed White

Belgium Grey Engineered Wood Floor
Belgium Grey

There are so many finishes available at UK Wood Floors Ltd, pop down to our Farnborough Showroom to take a look and take away samples.

Moisture readings prior to fitting a wood floor

Moisture readings prior to fitting a wood floor

With new builds and renovation projects alike, there is often a newly laid concrete sub-floor to consider. Once the subfloor is in place, you will no doubt want to press on with getting your oak flooring laid. However there is still one critical factor that should be considered prior to this.
The main issue with a newly laid concrete subfloor is the moisture that will still be present. Although the concrete may appear dry to the touch, it will still no doubt contain a significant amount of moisture. As time progresses the moisture in the concrete would ordinarily rise up and dry out.
If an oak floor, or indeed any type of wooden floor, were to be laid too soon over wet concrete it is likely to experience problems. The moisture will continue to rise up, where it will reach the oak flooring. The oak boards will then take in this moisture, causing excessive expansion. Wood is a hygroscopic material, acting like a sponge, taking up moisture and expanding when subjected to higher levels of moisture and conversely, giving up moisture and shrinking in excessively dry conditions. If you plan to lay oak flooring onto concrete, we always recommend that you check the moisture level of the concrete first. This can be done by using a moisture metre, which provides you with an accurate reading of how much moisture is present in the concrete. Our recommendation is that the concrete has a moisture reading which is less than 4-5%. To properly check the moisture level, the moisture metre should be used at various points around the room.
With the subfloor sufficiently dry, and indeed the remainder of the room, you can now proceed with laying your chosen wood flooring!

UK Wood Floors Ltd Cleaning Tips

UK Wood Floors Ltd Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips

It is important you sweep your wood flooring regularly with a soft brush as small particles of grit and stones, which can be brought in on the soles of visitor’s feet, can abrade and scratch the surface of your hardwood floor.


UK Wood Floors microfibre mop and spray cleaner available in our show room! Both are superb products for cleaning, dry mopping and polishing your oak flooring!


Damp not wet: Mopping your flooring barely involves any water at all. When it comes to any mop and cloth involved in the washing and rinsing process, it is vital you wring it almost dry so it feels only slightly damp to the touch.


Things to avoid

  • Vacuuming with a rotating brush – Avoiding any vacuum is the safest route to take when tackling your hardwood floor. Your vac’s rotating brush and wheels can be very abrasive to wood floors. Turn off the brush roll or use a floor brush attachment instead. But make sure you sweep often — gritty dirt and dust particles can scratch your floor when they sit for too long.
  • Wet-cleaning too often – Keep your wood flooring well-swept and spot clean as needed. Too much water can tarnish your floors finish and structure.
  • Drenching your floor with cleaner – Today’s wood flooring finishes are much more resistant to water than ones in the past, but that doesn’t mean you should flood your floors with cleaning solution. When it’s time to wet-clean, tackle small areas at a time with a damp, not wet, mop or cloth and dry them promptly.